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Search Process

We utilize a disciplined approach in our search process that is uniquely tailored to the needs of your organization.  Our goal is to develop a thorough understanding your organization.  We then utilize our multi-faceted search process to identify the most qualified candidates for  your organization.

Phase I - Client Assessment & Site Visit

  • This marks the beginning of the search where we complete the Search Contract and begin a thorough analysis of the position and the client organization. 

  • We conduct a site visit to meet with Senior Management and perform document reviews (I.e., Annual Report, Strategic Plan, Job Descriptions). 

  • During this time, we ensure we gain a thorough understanding of the desired traits and skill set that is sought by the client.

  • Upon completion of the site visit, we develop a Position Specification

        that will be used to market the position.

Phase II - Search Strategy Formulation

  • It is at this point where we devise a strategy for the search.  Unlike some other search firms which pride themselves on casting a large net, we prefer to think of ourselves as Fly Fishermen.  That is, rather than cast out a large net, we specifically focus in those areas where we know we will be successful in finding candidates that meet the client's specifications. 

  • In devising our strategy, we develop a multi-tiered approach which includes cold calling, networking and utilizing our various databases. 

Phase III - Search Strategy Implementation

  • In the previous phase we developed the Strategic Framework for how we were going to proceed.  Now, we move forward utilizing those various channels in an effort to source qualified candidates.


Phase IV - Candidate Identification & Selection

  • During this time, we will have identified qualified candidates and performed a short interview to gauge their interest in the position and learn about their work experience. 

  • Candidates we warrant as qualified then participate in a more in-depth interview.  Most of the time, we will meet with the candidate face to face or utilize Video-Conferencing (Video-Conferencing helps reduce the expenses that clients incur due to reduced travel expenses). 

  • We also perform a series of verifications (Reference/Education/Past Employment). 

  • Prior to debriefing our clients on the candidates, we submit to them a Candidate Binder for the top three to five candidates which includes their unaltered resume, Search Consultant's Notes from short and long interviews and the details of the verifications. 

  • The client selects the candidates they would like to interview and make the selection following the interviews. 

  • At the client's request, we can participate in the interviews as well as assist with salary negotiations. 

  • We work with the selected candidate in transitioning from their previous role into their new one.   


Phase V - Client & Candidate Follow Up

  • During the first year of employment, we like to check in to see how things are progressing for both the client and candidate.