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Updated: Aug 16

Earlier today I was looking at my grill and wishing for warmer weather and some sunshine so that I could take off the cover and start cooking. Then it dawned on me that it does not matter what the weather is today or that is below freezing.

What is really stopping me from using the outdoor grill today? Nothing but my perception that I should wait until it is warm and sunny.

While this example is relatively mundane in the grand scheme of things, some of us have a tendency to put things off in our life because we are waiting for the right time or the right season. We put off going after our goals and objectives based off our perception that now is just not the right time.

However, I want to encourage you that right now is the RIGHT TIME! Do not let external influences or even your own internal compass deter you from doing that thing that is in your heart to do. It could be something personal or professional in your life but NOW IS THE TIME.

I am grilling outside the tonight regardless of the fact that is below freezing and there is snow on the ground because I have made the personal decision that right now is the RIGHT TIME.

Make today the right time to move forward towards reaching for that goal you have been putting off!

Have a great week!

Nurse Parker


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